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My husband and I had 90 minute massages and a 30 minute additional foot massage, the spa is clean and the massage therapists are excellent. Very nice and I felt wonderful afterwards. They give you tea before and after the massage – both really refreshing. Highly recommend!


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A top quality massage. Staff is very serious and dedicated. The place is quiet. I recommand the ” massage Thailandais” with Nga. Impressive et efficient. I ve been there twice and i wilk go again.

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Loved this place – went back about 5 times during my stay – nice and clean, good quality rooms, fantastic massages, showers provided along with shorts.Thanks to the girls who knew me by name and we”re very friendly! and to Wai ? who gave an amazing massage!Sam

I booked the “Everlasting” package for my boyfriend and I, which consisted of a steam, foot scrub, body scrub, massage and facial. The facilities were very nice – clean, attractive, smelled great – and the staff was kind and attentive, helping us store our luggage, asking about our preferences for the services, etc. We were also given tea and snacks before and after treatments. However, we found that our two therapists differed in quality. While his was good (but still nothing exceptional compared to other massages we”ve had throughout Asia), I found that mine had a very “gentle” touch – so gentle that it barely felt like she was scrubbing or massaging me. During the scrub, she just spread the scrub onto my skin and lightly rubbed it. The scrub was coconut and quite soft to begin with, so ultimately it didn”t feel like anything was really getting scrubbed. Also, I had requested medium-to-hard on the massage form and I did ask her to increase her pressure during the massage. She made an effort to do so, but the massage was still, well, boring – just a lot of long soft strokes, no actual work on my muscles. She didn”t get out a single knot (even though she was on her knees on top of my back for a portion of it). She was very sweet and I”m sure she was trying to be accommodating, but throughout the scrub, massage and the facial I grew antsy – all felt ineffective.Finally, there were at least 4 periods of 5-10 minutes during the 3 hour treatment where I was just lying there unattended. Two of those took place during the scrub; I guess they were letting the scrub “soak” into the skin? I”ve had more than a few body scrubs and this has never happened. Overall, the facility itself and the service were excellent, and for the price I would recommend coming here. Just be sure to talk to the receptionist in advance about what you”re looking for and what type of massage you”ll receive. There”s nothing more disappointing than eagerly awaiting 3 hours of spa bliss only to leave feeling like you just laid there bored!

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